“Bigfoot 2013 Skins Game”

A Special thanks to Bigfoot’s #1 Sponsor the “Sportsman’s Center of Bordentown, NJ”

What is “The Bigfoot Skins Game”? 
  • It’s an exciting, exhibition shoot, which will be held on day two of the Bigfoot Open. It will be shot at the Black Knight’s practice area. We encourage spectators.  The Skins Game will reward Archers with CASH & Sportsman’s Center Gift Certificates.  No trophys, No medals – just the good stuff!   
When is the Skins Game?
  • Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at 2 PM sharp.
Who can shoot the Skins Game?  
  • Anyone, but to qualify you must submit one of the TOP 8 “DOT” scores shot either Saturday or Sunday.  This is a scratch shoot with no handicaps, no classes, no styles and no limits. If you shoot one of the Top 8 scores between Saturday and Sunday, you qualify to register.
  • Score cards must have 3 signatures, yours and two other witnesses or you are disqualified.
  • We reserve the right to break up groups.
  • NOTE: If you shoot to qualify on Sunday morning, your properly signed scorecard must be turned in by 1:30 PM. If you are late you are out! At 1:45 the shooters will be announced and the shoot will start promptly at 2:00 pm.  The registration fee is $25.00 (paid after you qualify) and it will be added, in full, to the purse. As long as we have 8 registrants, we anticipate the total purse to be at or near
$ 1600 in gift certificates or cash depending on anticipated sponsors. 
  • That is $200 per target. Cool?  When is the last time you made that kind of prize shooting only 3 arrows?  
  • It looks like we might have nice prizes for the 9th place highest scoring shooter who just miss the cut into the skins game.  Prizes for missing the Cut? No where but BIGFOOT!
  • PRIZES may be in the form of cash or gift certificates or donated items. The value is dependent on how well we are able to gather sponsors. All Prize amounts are projections at this time and may be less.
What is the format? 
  • Three arrows per target, shot at 8 field faces, for a total of 24 Arrows.  Scoring is standard 5,4,3.  Note:  X’s will count on each target. An inside out X counts the same as an X touching the line.
  • Top score on each target will win the purse for that target.  If there is a tie, the money for that target will be carried forward to the next target.  Another tie?  The purse carries forward till there is a winner.  That’s exciting!
  • You will shoot at 8 distances at field or hunter targets that may or may not be normal for the distance.
  • Remember only the top eight archers will be eligible.  However if any of the top eight are unable to shoot the Skins Game or has not paid the registration fee, then the next highest scoring shooters present will become eligible to register and shoot.
We encourage a gallery of spectators but proper range etiquette must prevail.  If anyone in the gallery becomes disruptive to the shooters they will be asked to leave. All calls by the officials are final.  We will enforce a three-letdown rule.  Any archer who commits this infraction will not be eligible for money on that target only. If that target has any carry over money the archer committing the infraction will not be eligible. However in the event of another tie on that target the archer will be eligible to proceed to the following target without penalty. Own a business?  Want some publicity?  Contact Gene Grodzki at 732-462-2278 or ggrodzki@optonline.net if you want to be a sponsor. Your name or the name of your firm will be prominently posted and announced at the shoot and on all mailers and resulting news articles. This is our 19th Bigfoot and we have worked out most of the bugs. We are still working on the details as this is being typed but the basic format is here. The Black Knights are holding this event for your benefit and to bring some extra excitement to BIGFOOT. All of the dollars go to YOU the shooter. If it turns out that you don’t end up shooting in the Skins Game, stick around, have a burger, a cool drink and watch the fun.   We guarantee that watching the Skins Game will be exciting!  Each year the gallery has had as much fun as the shooters.    Bring your Binoculars!

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