2014 BigFoot Winners & Sponsors

FREESTYLE    HIGH SCORE DOTS Freestyle                       Plaque & $ 50 CASH & $50 Sportsmen’s Center Gift Certificate                  Doug Williams BH F/S             HIGH SCORE DOTS Bowhunter Freestyle     Plaque & $ 50 CASH & $50 Sportsman’s Center Gift Certificate                  Matt Setzer   HIGH SCORE 3-D                    (Based on the first score) 1st PLACE       $ 100 CASH from United Bowhunters of NJ and a Set of “Winner”s Choice” Custom Bowstrings              Bob Lawson 2nd PLACE      $ 100   CASH from United Bowhunters of NJ                                                                                                          Roger Dean                         3rd PLACE       $   50 Gift Certificate from Lancaster Archery                                                                                              Chris Sabo   LAST MAN       1st PLACE       $ 100 CASH* from Blake Brothers Fencing & Custom Irene Bower “LMS” Knife from TANJ & LMS Trophy  Ray Inglesias STANDING       2nd PLACE        $   60 CASH* from Blake Brothers Fencing                                                                                                               Pete Fazzaro 3rd PLACE       $   40 CASH* from Blake Brothers Fencing                                                                                                    Frank Burdi PLUS ++ A special $100 CASH award from Blake Brothers Fencing                                                                        Cody Gaudlip * NOTE –         100% of LMS registration $ will be distributed to the winners in a ratio of 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd & 20% for 3rd. SKINS              8 SHOOTERS   8 TARGETS $200 Value each – Paid as $150 Cash and $50 Sportsmen Center Gift Certificate on each Skins…. GAME                                             $ 200* Each = $1,600   ($ 1200 in CASH) & (8 each $ 50 Sportsmen’s Center Gift Certificates) = $ 1,600                             TARGET 1       $ 200 *             Note: Values include $200 in hard Cash Donated by Lancaster Archery                                                       Jay Bradway TARGET 2       $ 200 *             Note: Values include $200 in hard Cash Donated by LOG POWER (Bobby Hooper) www.logpower.com   Mark Passmore TARGET 3       $ 200                                                                                                                                                               Doug WIlliams TARGET 4       $ 200 *                                                                                                                                                            Jon Bach                                 TARGET 5       $ 200                                                                                                                                                               Jon Bach TARGET 6       $ 200 *                                                                                                                                                            Jon Bach                                 TARGET 7       $ 200 *                                                                                                                                                            Jon Bach                                 TARGET 8       $ 200 *                                                                                                                                                            Mark Passmore                        9th   PLACE      A Bitzenberger Fletching Jig & Clamp compliments of Bitzenberger                                                              Matt Setzer 10th PLACE      A Set of Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings                                                                                                            Ron Krajcsovics That’s right! If you just miss getting into the Amazing Skins Game you can still win a great prize!   TOP GUN         1ST PLACE      $ 100 Cash from BKB / $100 Lancaster Gift Certificate + $100 Cash from Carter Releases &                                Mark Passmore                                                         PSE X Force Treestand GX Bow from L & H Woods & Water of Wall and a TOP GUN Trophy                      2ND PLACE       $ 100 Cash plus a $ 50 Lancaster Gift Certificate plus $100 Cash from Carter Releases                           Bobby Lawson                        3RD PLACE       $ 50 Cash plus a $50 Lancaster Gift Certificate –                                                                                     Greg Mancini * NOTE –         100% of the Top Gun registration dollars ($20 per shooter) are included in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winnings.   The Black Knights say “Thank You” to our generous sponsors. We ask you to do the same with your words and your business.   Our SPONSORS include Sportsman’s Center, Lancaster Archery, Blake Brothers Fence Company, Winners Choice Bowstrings, Carter Releases, L & H Woods & Water, TANJ & UBNJ, Guard-Me Security of Old Bridge, Log Power of Allentown, Neet, Original Brite Site, Tractor Supply of Allentown, NJ, Bitzenberger, BCY, New Egypt Agway, Dicks Sporting Goods, Muzzy, US Archer Magazine, Catskill Mountain Sporting Supplies, and members of BKB including, Paul Winans, Pola Gallie, Jack & Jennifer Fleischmann, Richard Solchenberger, Roger Dean, Craig Metzger, Mike Luster, Bob Hooper, Bill Zide, Lance Blake of Blake Brothers Fencing, and Horace Eckman (in honor of his wife Julia) A special THANKS to our friends at TANJ (Traditional Archers of NJ) and UBNJ (United Bowhunters of NJ) In the event of a total wash out due to bad or unsafe weather BKB reserves the right to reschedule all or part of Bigfoot. This document is a worksheet and is subject to change right up to the day of the shoot!

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