Shoot Schedule

2019 Archery Shoot Schedule

January 6Lancaster 600WoPeNa10 AM
January 6Vegas 450 WaXoBe 10 AM
January 13NFAA 300 Eckman Range - Garden State10 AM
January 13TCAA & IndoorObissquasoit
January 18NJ-SFAA Meeting WaXoBe8 PM
January 20Lancaster 600WoPeNa10 AM
January 20Vegas 450Eckman Range - Garden State10 AM
January 20TCAA & Indoor & MtgBuckshorn
January 25, 26, 27Lancaster Archery ClassicLancaster, PA
January 27NFAA 300WaXoBe10 AM
February 3Vegas 450WoPeNa10 AM
February 3Vegas 450Eckman Range - Garden State10 AM
February 8, 9, 10The Vegas ShootLas Vegas, NV
February 10NFAA 300Eckman Range - Garden State10 AM
February 15, 16, 17NJAA Championship FITAWoPeNa
February 17NFAA 300WaXoBe10 AM
February 24NFAA 300WoPeNa10 AM
February 24NFAA 300Eckman Range - Garden State10 AM
February 24Cabin Fever 3D Traditional Shoot Outdoors Black Knights
March 1, 2, 3Mid-Atlantic Indoor ChampionshipBuckshorn
March 1, 2, 3Mid-Atlantic Indoor ChampionshipGarden State
March 1, 2, 3Mid-Atlantic Indoor ChampionshipWoPeNa
March 1, 2, 3Mid-Atlantic Indoor ChampionshipWaXoBe
March 93D Compound and TradObissquasoit
March 103D TANJ Traditional OnlyObissquasoit
March 10NFAA 300WoPeNa10 AM
March 10NFAA 300Black Knights10 AM
March 15, 16, 17NFAA Indoor NationalsCincinnati, Ohio
March 17Vegas 450WaXoBe10 AM
March 23, 24NJ Indoor State ChampionshipBuckshorn
March 23, 24NJ Indoor State ChampionshipGarden State
March 23, 24NJ Indoor State ChampionshipWoPeNa
March 31NFAA 300WaXoBe10 AM
April 7Vegas 450WoPeNa10 AM
April 14F/H & 3DBlack Knights
April 14First Dakoda Classic Yankton, SD
April 14TCAAObissquasoit
April 21Easter
April 26NJ-SFAA MeetingWaXoBe8 PM
April 283DWaXoBe
April 28TCAABuckshorn
May 5Hunters Helping the Hungry 3DBlack Knights
May 5Ironman 126Obissquasoit
May 12Mother's Day
May 18, 19Chili-Cook OffGarden State
May 26F/HWaXoBe
May 26F/H & TCAABuckshorn
June 2F/H & 3DBlack Knights
June 9Red Hawk ShootWaXoBe
June 9TCAAObissquasoit
June 16Father's Day
June 23F/H & 3DGarden State
June 23F/H & TCAABuckshorn
June 29, 30Mid-Atlantic Outdoor SectionalsBlack Knights
July 7F/HWaXoBe
July 7F/H & TCAABuckshorn
July 14F/H & 3DGarden State
July 14TCAAObissquasoit
July 20, 21BIGFOOT OPEN 14 F / 14 H / 30 3DBlack Knights
July 26, 27, 28NFAA National Outdoor ChampionshipYankton, SD
July 27, 283D DeerObissquasoit
July 28F/HWaXoBe
August 33D Unmarked State ChampionshipGarden State
August 43D Marked State ChampionshipGarden State
August 11F/H & 3DBlack Knights
August 11TCAAObissquasoit
August 18F/H & Paper AnimalsGarden State
August 18TCAABuckshorn
August 24, 25NJ-SFAA Outdoor Field ChampionshipWaXoBe
September 1Club DayBlack Knights
September 83DWaXoBe
September 8Sims "Fall 3D Spectacular" Obissquasoit
September 15OPEN
September 20NJ-SFAA MeetingWaXoBe8 PM
September 22F/H 3DGarden State
September 22TCAABuckshorn
September 29TANJ 3D Saint Jude Benefit ShootWaXoBe
September 29Ironman "126" Obissquasoit
October 6NFAA 300WoPeNa10 AM
October 6NFAA 300Black Knights10 AM
October 13Vegas 450Garden State10 AM
October 13TCAAObissquasoit
October 19Halloween "Night Shoot"Obissquasoit
October 20Vegas 450WoPeNa10 AM
October 20NFAA 300WaXobe10 AM
October 27Vegas 450Black Knights10 AM
October 27TCAABuckshorn
November 3NFAA 300WoPeNa10 AM
November 3NFAA 300Garden State10 AM
November 10Vegas 450WaXoBe10 AM
November 10TCAA & IndoorObissquasoit
November 15SFAA Meeting WaXoBe8 PM
November 17Vegas 450WoPeNa10 AM
November 17NFAA 300Black Knights10 AM
November 24Vegas 450Garden State10 AM
November 24TCAA & IndoorBuckshorn
December 1NFAA 300WoPeNa10 AM
December 1NFAA 300WaXoBe10 AM
December 8Vegas 450Black Knights10 AM
December 8TCAA & IndoorObissquasoit
December 15Vegas 450WoPeNa10 AM
December 15NFAA 300Garden State10 AM
December 22Vegas 450WaXoBe10 AM
December 22TCAA & IndoorBuckshorn
December 29Vegas 450Black Knights10 AM