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Bigfoot July 16th & 17th 2016


“Open to Anyone with a Bow from Amateur to PRO!”

Over the past 22 years BIGFOOT has evolved into one of the biggest Archery events in NJ where 3-D, Dot & Traditional archers from all over come to shoot, socialize and enjoy our challenging range and unique format. Bigfoot 2016 will feature the best laid out Dot / 3-D / and Traditional Ranges you have ever seen. Do YOU have what it takes to get into the “Skins Game”? Only the best Dot & 3-D shooters will make it into the head to head Dot vs 3-D “Top Gun Shootout”. The Traditional Archers of NJ will crown the 2016 “Last Man Standing” in a nail biting TRAD shoot off! Many shooters don’t turn in scorecards and just shoot for Fun! As in years past, we hope to have some great Prizes, Surprises, Cash Awards & Gift Certificates.

Swap Meet: Buy, Sell or Swap – Unique Stuff at great prices.

Camping: It’s limited, but FREE. Call to reserve a spot….

Casual Registration! Great Food! Vendors Welcome! Sponsors Appreciated!

“TOP GUN” 3-D vs. Dot “Shoot Off” Sat at 2:30 PM

“LAST MAN STANDING” (Traditional) Sun at 11:30 AM

“SKINS GAME” Can YOU make the cut? Sun at 2:00 PM


(Please click on the links below to download information about our 2016 Bigfoot shoot!)

Bigfoot 2016 at a Glance


Last Man Standing

Top Gun

2 Man 3-D Shoot

Schedule of Events

Bigfoot Sponsors

Bigfoot Prizes

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New Year New Archery Waviers

Just a reminder, that because it is a new year, all members must fill out a new archery waiver before going out to the range again. Also, if you bring anyone out there with you, they will also need a waiver filled out as well. Just put them in the black plastic file box in the kitchen.

Print it out now, sign it, and throw it in your bow case. That way, when you go out to the range next time, you’ll have it with you.

CLICK HERE to download and print the archery wavier.

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