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Monthly Meetings

Meetings are the first Thursdays of the Month at the BKB Range from May to September and at the Jackson VFW from October thru April.

Prospective members are welcome to attend as guests.

May 5th is our next BKB Meeting — Now held at the Range at 7PM

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Cabin Fever Success!

Our February 28th Cabin Fever TANJ (Traditional Archers of NJ) 3-D Shoot was a huge success with around 160 shooters. The weather was absolutely perfect for a change, not that that would have made any difference to this group. In past years both TANJ and compound shooters came out with a foot of snow on the ground. We received a lot of compliments on the way the 3-D range was laid out and the range was in tip top shape!

Thanks for all the Black Knight members who made it a super event!

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New Year New Archery Waviers

Just a reminder, that because it is a new year, all members must fill out a new archery waiver before going out to the range again. Also, if you bring anyone out there with you, they will also need a waiver filled out as well. Just put them in the black plastic file box in the kitchen.

Print it out now, sign it, and throw it in your bow case. That way, when you go out to the range next time, you’ll have it with you.

CLICK HERE to download and print the archery wavier.

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